Meet The Band

David Ogara

David Ogara

I enjoy watching TV shows. Naturally, I am an Introvert but if locked in a room with fellow introverts I would appear to be an extrovert. I love my time and space. You’ll get me watching TV shows or just having one-on-one with close friend. If I do crowds, its coz I have no Alternative. I LOVE music. It makes my world go round with God being the centre of it. I am a Grammar Enforcer in circles I am in.

Nduku Wambua

Grace Nduku

I am naturally a quiet and thoughtful person. I Love to read books, spend time with my family and friends. Music is my escape from the world.

Robert Njuguna

Robert Njuguna

I like jokes,alot! Because life has too many cares, so a good laugh helps make life lighter. I enjoy good food and occasional travels to see and experience different cultures. Believe me this helps you appreciate home more.

I enjoy spending time with my wife and also some good friends and family. Above all I love God and the relationship that we have through Christ Jesus.


Pauline Ciku

Plenty of things I like I must say; Swimming,i love swimming. I think in my second nature of life I’ll probably come in as a Tilapia.Nope, gold fish will do or an Asian Arowana. I love dancing too.It does not only make me feel rejuvenated but makes me fit too! To sum the rest up, I love singing, watching movies, zip-lining and wait for it …wait for it….. … … visiting haunted houses! Yeah I know that’s weird but I love it!

Frank Muriuki

Frank Muriuki

I am an outgoing guy(loves adventure), quite social but my facial expressions can cause one to believe I am a snob. I am drawn by anything that smells good but also in a weird way I love the smell of a screeching tyre!

I am a family kinda guy, spending time with my wife (when she is definitely happy and jolly) and kids (when they are in their best behaviour) gives me such delight!

Roseline Mwihaki

Rozie Mwihaki

My interests revolve around Music – writing it, buying it, listening to it, downloading it, being inspired by it, travelling ‘because of it… (although I have trouble sleeping during road trips). Aside from that I enjoy watching movies, thrilling series. I find socializing to be quite interesting; everyone putting their best foot forward instead of finding comfort in their awkward yet unique qualities. I LOVE hanging out with my beautiful nieces & nephew – Kelsey, Imani and Emmanuel; they’ve taught me such big life lessons! I just recently took up a new interest; water sports! Jet skis and fly boards to be specific! Epic! Out of this world! Defying gravity in those flying shoes is totally exhilarating to say the least.

Iganza Mudacci

Anto Iganza

My interests are photography, Electronics/Gadgets, Music(All Genres)

Fun fact: I get massive kicks off really stale jokes :-D

Halaku Gene

Halaku Gene

I am a complete Sanguin, I love seeing people happy and just being around my friends and having lots of fun together. I am currently obsessed with motorbikes and manual cars (all cars really. I also love to work out, go for runs,to hike and do lots of camping.I am also a foodie,I usually gang up with friends and go try out new joints and smaller meals and have our own critic forum .But most of all I love to sing,especially with people with whom I have developed a serious connection with, and with whom flowing comes easy .

Eric Mayore


I started music from High school having side classes with one of my pals doing music back then.  Aside from being quite a foodie, i really enjoy ministry and seeing people smile to the revelation of the Father’s nature of love. I love teaching and speaking of His goodness to all. #KingdomBusiness

Lorna Olwanda

Lorna Olwanda

I love adventure, traveling and experimenting new stuff, Consumate lover of God and pastor in waiting. My music is an expression of my love for him, what he is doing and continuing to do in my life.

Julius Nyawara

Julius Nyawara

My interests include music of different genres, art in different forms/media, IT related things and sampling sweet kryptonite..get me some and see how fast we become friends


Michael Wanyama

Drummer, software developer, GGMU, fascinated by tech and cars.I enjoy travelling and good conversations.

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