Adawnage is a Christian contemporary band based in Nairobi, Kenya. May 28th, 2008 was the band’s inception. Adawnage was birthed through prayer, fellowship, dedication, discipline, commitment, humility and hard work. What comes from the heart goes to the heart and that is why our music continues to touch the hearts of many. We believe that change can happen and thus aspire to be the instruments of change in our generation. Behold the past is gone and the new has come – Isaiah 43:19.

Adawnage released its debut album SAFARI – The Journey in December, 2010. The SAFARI album comprises 10 songs and it is a depiction of the journey that the band has taken since we started and the challenges and inspirations we have encountered through our walk.

The “Maisha” Album is the second album by Adawnage released on 1st January 2016, after the success our first album dubbed ‘Safari”. The word “Maisha” is a Swahili word for “Life” and it was derived from one of the titled songs in the Album as well as from the general message that is being passed across in the lyrics of various songs.

It is a 13 Track album that was written, composed, arranged and played by the members of Adawnage band and contains different genres of music. Some of the genres include Pop, Soft Rock, Jazz, and Reggae, Inspirational, Afro beat, Benga, Rumba and some Soul music as well. Some of the songs were written dating back as far as 10 years ago and were to be included the first album but were reserved for the second album, thus giving the raw, innocent feeling in some of the songs.

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